Safety through technology

Stronger than ever - the new generation of fire extinguisher

As the fire extinguisher producer with the highest rate of vertical integration, Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KG stands for reliable operability, longevity, sophisticated technical designs and top 'Made in Germany' quality.

Through automated production processes and high-quality technical standards, we are able to meet all of our clients’ financial requirements.

In addition to our tried and tested fire extinguishing advantages, such as

  • the single-lever fitting for uniform operation of all device types
  • the standard stand pins for secure positioning whilst preventing corrosion on the bottom of the canister.
  • the thermoset inner layer for wet extinguishers to guarantee excellent protection against corrosion inside the canister.
  • the specially layered CO2 propellant gas canisters to guarantee the permanent operability of wet extinguishers
  • the patented CO2 overcharge for foam extinguishers for even extinguishing agent spreading during the whole operation,

we are also committed to innovation with our new generation of fire extinguishers:

More powerful than ever:
the increased capacity of the new generation is a real attention grabber. Improved extinguishing solution formulas and carefully aligned device configuration ensure excellent extinguishing power.


More user friendly
The revised operating instructions simplify extinguisher handling through the use of more symbols and less text. As a result of this, even untrained users can safely operate the extinguisher in the event of a fire. The colour-highlighted operating elements lock, compression lever and hose handle ensure safe handling in the event of a fire.

More multi-faceted
The Minimax product range is expanded to include newly-developed housing made of impact-resistance high-performance plastic with tried and tested single lever operation. The advantage of this material is a weight reduction of up to one kilogram in comparison with other Minimax housing versions.

More environmentally friendly
Minimax only uses high-performance extinguishing solutions which are completely harmless to both animals and humans, for safe extinguishing with no sustained risks for the environment.

The Minimax extinguisher ranges are carefully aligned with each other. Based on the modularity of each series and the resulting number of identical parts, our customers are able to benefit from the high levels of efficiency achieved concerning servicing.